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October 25, 2011 / caitlynzim

Nothing finished but a lot in the works…

In my last post, @MarineCadastre had just launched. Since then, a great deal has happened even though nothing is finalized. Here is what’s been going on…

@MarineCadastre has been, in a word, successful. We saw a 71% increase in web traffic from August to September and an overall increase of 188% in web traffic from before Twitter to now. The September increase was a result of only 10 tweets! @MarineCadastre has a total of 73 followers currently (if you haven’t started to follow us, please do!) with a total of 31 updates thus far.

We (NOAA’s CSC and I) have been discussing the potential of tweeting using @MarineCadastre at night and on weekends. We wanted to start conservatively, seeing as social media was an entirely new endeavor for the Marine Cadastre team and it can be a scary place if you’re unfamiliar with it. But many working professionals do not have time – or the site is blocked – to check social media sites during work hours, 8am-5pm, and working professionals are our target audience for Twitter. When I first brought up the idea I excepted tentative feelings and lots of discussion, however, I got an instant, “That sounds great” from a few members of the team and a, “I’m feeling more comfortable with how we’re handling Twitter, I think we should go for it” (in a few more words) from one of the leads. So I’ve made a list of all of @MarineCadastre’s tweets that resulted in over 100 hits and have been given permission to send these “retweets” out on nights and weekends; be on the lookout!

The next large endeavor the Marine Cadastre team and I have been working on is a Facebook account. The original idea came up in August shortly after the creation of the Twitter account. We sat on the idea for a short while waiting to see how Twitter faired and for NOAA to finalize the new social media application process (our Twitter account was caught in limbo mainly due to the reconstruction). As soon as the new system was up and running, we submitted our application and patiently waited for the response. More details on this process to come later but currently, the Facebook account exists and we are just waiting for the go ahead to post our “First” post, announcing the page. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated about that.

Along with all of that I investigated LinkedIn for use by the MMC. We are choosing not to purse it right now, mainly due to the fact that Facebook isn’t stable and we don’t want to start too many projects all at once, but it’s a possibility for the future. (I think I’m going to write posts on all the results of my investigations of each social media outlet so I’ll go into more depth about what I found out concerning LinkedIn there).

On my personal end of the project, I have been busy creating/editing/revising the survey that all the scientists and larger agencies will be taking (hopefully any day now). I’m waiting to speak with one other person, an employee of COMPASS – an ocean science communications company – who specializes in social media, then I will enter the survey into Qaltrix software and release it for everyone to complete!

Next up, launching Marine Cadastre on Facebook, starting to survey people and organizations and possibly investigating search engine optimization (SEO) for the MMC, as well. And writing those blog posts I just promised regarding what I discovered through my social media research…lots to do! Stay tuned!


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