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June 24, 2011 / caitlynzim

Overdue: Updates to the Final MP Proposal

In the midst of finishing finals, moving all of my belongings all over the country, visiting home and the like, I have not yet written to convey the final changes to my draft masters project proposal. So here it is.

For the most part, things were kept as I described in my first post; however, there were slight changes. Such as, instead of doing a direct comparison between new and old media while comparing the direct appeal of topics, I will be using both types of media (Twitter and blogs as well as journals and scholarly articles, etc) to attempt to convey my messages. The end result of my project will then be something more like a ‘Cheat Sheet for Science Communication’. Scientists could decide where within the spectrum of charismatic topics they were and then would be given a list of types of media that would be most beneficial for their use.

In terms of this project, the final product would have potential be handed to larger science bodies (such as NOAA’s research scientists) to use in order to more effectively communicate their research. And after talking with some scientists at NOAA’s Coastal Services Center, it seems that there are at least a few scientists that would be receptive to that idea.

In a broader sense, I’d like the final product to be made publicly available for use by any scientist wishing to share his or her research with the rest of the world.

More changes may be following…stay tuned!


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